Easy Ways to Reduce Your Stress -Tips from a Professional Life Coach

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3 min readMay 29, 2021


Tips to reduce stress

All of us have had stress at one time or another, yet few of us have tools to help us reduce it and come back to a balanced and happy state when we’d like or need to get there.

Here are 7 easy things you can do when you find yourself stressed or your life has become too stressful.

1)Take a 5-minute break.
Standing up, walking around, going outside for 5 minutes, putting on music, or doing some stretching interrupts that feeling of stress. We get in a different physiological state and start to feel better right away.

2) Ask yourself (or your clients if you are a Life Coach) the following questions:

A. What’s making me feel stressed right now? What else?
B.What could I do about my stress right now?
C. How could I calm myself down right now? What else?
D. How immediately does this situation need to get resolved? If time permits, how can I slow down my timeline for resolving this?
E. How can I allow time and space for creative solutions to come to mind?
F. How have I solved similar situations before?
G. What are all my options for taking care of the things that are stressing me out?
H. What do I need right now?
I. Who or what can support me right now?
J. What boundaries can I set with myself or others?
K. What do I need to stop doing and start doing to manage my stress?
L. If I looked at this situation 5 years from now, how would I view it?

3) Create a positivity box.
Create a box with inspirational quotes, images that inspire you, happy pictures, positive affirmations, or whatever gets you in a good state.

4) Do some deep breathing.
Some popular ones are breathing in for 7 seconds, holding for 7 seconds, and then breathing out for 7 seconds. Another one from yoga is alternate breathing where you hold your nose and then breathe in through one nostril, hold it and then breathe out through the other nostril. Then reverse by breathing in the other nostril, hold it and then breathe out with the other nostril.

Deep breathing is one of the best things to reduce the feeling of stress in your body.

5) Write about the things that are stressing you out for 5 minutes.
If you have too much to do, write a list of to-dos. If you have things that are stressing you out, write in detail what the situation is. Write down possible solutions. Writing helps you get the stress out of your body and makes it more objective so you can come up with the best solutions for managing your stress.

6) Listen to an inspirational video or look at inspirational quotes.

7) Do something fun.
Go get your mind off the stress. Come back to it then and you’ll see it in a whole new light.

There is a number of ways that you can reduce your stress. You can take a 5-minute break, ask yourself some powerful questions, create a positivity box, do some deep breathing, write for 5 minutes about the stress, listen to inspirational videos or look at inspirational quotes, or do something fun to get your mind off the issue for a little bit. These can have an immediate impact on that feeling of being stressed and put you in a far more resourceful place to manage your stress and resolve any stressful situations in the best way possible.



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